LinkedIn Breach Resurfaces: 1 in 4 Accounts Compromised

Details are starting to come out about the massive LinkedIn breach that is gaining attention this week even though it first occurred in 2012.

ZDSearch has a nice tally of the worst passwords found in the dump here. Top three worst offenders:

 753,305 people used ‘123456’

  • 172,523 people used ‘linkedin’
  • 144,458 people used ‘password’

 According to Krebs, 117 million accounts are likely compromised instead of the 6.5 million originally stated. (That’s 1 of every 4 users of LinkedIn, which has around 430 million users.) LeakedSource has a searchable database for those interested if their account is one of those affected.

MotherBoard has been in contact with LeakedSource and a hacker known as ‘Peace’ who claims to have the full dump. With security researcher Troy Hunt, they claim to have reverse engineered 90% of the passwords within 72 hours. They’ve reached out to several LinkedIn users and they’ve been confirming account details.

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Speaker Workshops at DEF CON 24 Call for Presentations Now Open

The Wall of Sheep would like to announce a call for presentations at DEF CON 24 at the Paris and Bally's Hotels in Las Vegas, NV from Thursday, August 4th to Sunday, August 7th. All accepted talks will be announced, recorded, and published by DEF CON Communications, Inc. Please see our YouTube channel for all Speaker Workshops from last year:

This year, the Packet Hacking Village at DEF CON 24 will be on the 26th floor of Bally's Indigo Tower. The Call for Presentations will close on Wednesday, June 15th at 11:59 PM. The list of workshops will be finalized and published on Thursday, June 30th.

How: Complete the Call for Papers Form and send to cfp2016[at]wallofsheep[dot]com. Please also refer to the form for more details.

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All Speaker Workshops from DEF CON 23 Now Posted On YouTube

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Sponsor Us At DEF CON 24

If you are interested in sponsoring the Wall of Sheep at DEF CON 24 (August 4-7, 2016 at Paris and Bally's in Las Vegas, NV), please contact us for additional information:


Phone: (302) 365-0026

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How to get past the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool error 0x800704DD-0x90016

It seemed to take an annoying amount of time to get the Windows 10 Media Installation Tool to actually create media.  We were getting a funky error (0x800704DD-0x90016) every time we tried to make a DVD or ISO. 

It turns out running the tool as Administrator isn’t enough.  We got it to work by logging in as Administrator then running the tool.  Just to make sure this wasn’t a fluke, we tried it on several machines and sure enough this was a workaround.



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DIY - Awesome video showing off the use of the AC400 Access Control System in the 23B Hacker Sapce!

The creator of the Open Access v4 shows off its use in the 23B Hacker Space in Fullerton California.


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Wall of Sheep releases a low cost 48 Port Gigabit LAN TAP at DEF CON!!!

For nearly 20 years we have been sniffing traffic at conferences using 10/100 Ethernet HUBs.  Although using a HUB is one of the easiest fastest setups you can do, this method has slowly become obsolete. 

While 10/100MB shared was great back in the day, it’s considered extremely slow by today’s standards.

Frankly, as our fleet of HUBS started aging, we started experiencing more and more failures (port outages, loud/dead fans, more than normal slowness, etc.)  Trying to replace the hubs was getting harder and harder and fleet age wasn’t the only problem we were experiencing. People would spew traffic back into the HUB tainting the data everyone was trying to capture.  And… depending on the venue no names (DEF CON), we would have people intentionally saturate the HUB or attack others on the HUB intended for network forensics.

We knew we had to do something, the ideal alternative to using network HUBS is using a network TAP. This would also solve all the other issues mentioned above with just one catch.  High port count Gigabit Network TAP technologies are freaking expensive!!!  We didn't have 15-20 thousand dollars per device laying around.

So we looked into seeing if one of the manufactures would give us a discount or possibly sponsor our projects.  When this didn’t pan out, we had this crazy idea…

Was it was possible to make our own? 

Well, the answer is YES!  We are proud to announce after several years of development and testing, we have released our first 48 Port high speed network device intended for network forensics that won’t require a luxury car loan to buy.  

While it sounds insane, we are releasing the CTP410052T for the low cost of $2500.00 so labs everywhere can finally actually afford to upgrade! 

If you’re interested and didn’t get a chance to swing by the Packet Hacking Village at DEF CON this year to see one in action check it out here:

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Our DJ Schedule at DEF CON 23 and DJ Bios

  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00 AM   n-Way DJ Tag Team! phreakocious, Tense Future, yurk, + Special Guest(s) Habikki  
11:00 AM phreakocious Habikki kampf
12:00 PM phreakocious / TBD phreakocious VNA
1:00 PM Tense Future DJ %27 Taishi phreakocious
2:00 PM DJ Rene Deep Therapy AliKat yurk
3:00 PM AliKat Habikki DJ Rene  
4:00 PM AliKat DJ Rene DJ Federico Nan  
5:00 PM Taishi CTRL yurk  
6:00 PM yurk phreakocious    

phreakocious (@phreakocious,,

Inspired by experiences at Detroit raves and private parties in the early 90s, phreakocious bought a pair of 1200s in Y2K and has shaken booties with the finest in funky techno, house, and breaks ever since. The orchestrator of musical shenanigans at the Wall of Sheep and Packet Hacking Village since DC20 (or was it 19?).

DJ %27, (@djpercent27,

DJing since the 80s and HackMiami resident DJ/VJ, DJ %27 has also performed at chillout and pool areas for DEF CON 20 and 21.

DJ Alikat (@suckitpig,,

DJ Alikat was born under the rainy lights of Vancouver’s nightlife with a pawful of skills that were passed down to her from some high profile mentors on the scene. A champion in the lost art of crate digging, Alikat’s passion for music is rooted in a history of endlessly searching for those hidden vinyl gems that taught her the art of mixing, scratching and working the room. She’s brought her process with her into the digital world, putting in the hours searching for those Internet gems that’ll light up the dance floor.

CTRL (@deejayCTRL,,

Emerging from the Los Angeles warehouse and underground music culture of the early 90s, spending the 2000’s in the European club and festival circuit; nurturing a global dance music community for more than two decades. Returning to the Los Angeles music scene in 2010, CTRL can be found mixing it up in underground clubs and at events like California’s Wasteland Weekend and Nevada's DEF CON.

Deep Therapy (@therapy_life,,

Based out of South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach) The duo began hosting and DJ'n their own college radio shows. Constantly achieving new heights of dancefloor energy and pushing the boundaries of convention, Deep Therapy is recognized as one of South Florida’s essential DJ’s. Deep Therapy has been featured on Sirius XM radio in Ultra Music Festival Radio, opening up for Infected Mushroom as well as performing at Ultra Music Festival Miami two years in a row and holds a residency at Club Space in Miami in the Technoloft.

Federico Nan (

Federico Nan designs his sets with compelling sounds that lure you into having to move your body. He spent nights crafting his sound spinning in Capital Federal, Gran Buenos Aires, Las Leñas, Salta, San Martín de los Andes and Pinamar. Federico has the scope to scan the dance floor and inject his infectious grooves into the atmosphere. Creating energy with the crowd is Federico's passion and his love for Acid House and Techno add to the experience he creates.

Habikki (,

DJ turned Enterprise Architect (with a security focus), Habikki has been rocking the southwest for over a decade. His knack for blurring the lines of genres shines in each set, bridging soul, high energy, melodic and, fist pumping as the mood strikes. Habikki prefers closing slots and longer sets found on the second stage where he's open to use the dance floor as his canvas. An Arizona staple, this artist has held residencies at Club Myst, Afterhours at Polyesthers, a monthly at UC Berkeley Radio and a pool party regular at Luxor.

kampf (@nerd_show,

With over a decade of experience as a college radio DJ at KWCR on Nerd Show, kampf has waded long and deep through the muddied waters of electronic music, casting his rod time and again to obtain, then share the eclectic, the compelling, the sounds off the beaten path and those lesser know varieties or species. Resident DJ for the DEF CON Chillout Lounge and for DEF CON Radio on Spinning vinyl for WoS/Packet Hacking Village since DEF CON 20!

DJ Rene (

DJ Rene is best known for his eclectic style of quick mixes that transcend from the old school original style of mixing to the new ever changing art of mixing and scratching. At age 15, he started to play music for his own birthday party and was soon hooked on the energy he was able to provide. He has gone on to spin at some of the biggest social events in the U.S. and opened for some of the best international DJ's. He has residencies in D.C. and Thailand and has spun at the world famous Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Tense Future (

It goes largely unnoticed, but most people spend a majority of their waking hours pondering, planning, stressing about what may come... it's been this way forever. Gathering, searching, learning, negotiating... Every action we take is an attempt to make the next one less labored. Tense Future is the result of this recursive internal monologue inside the mind of Daniel Samarin, who can only find relief from the neural thrashing in the regular beat of synthesized percussion.

TK (

Hailing from Austin with a smooth mixing style incorporating various facets of dance music, TK's primary focus has been house. Wrecking the decks since 2001 with funky, jazzy, groovy, techy, get up and go music heavily influenced by producers such as Derrick Carter, Inland Knights and DJ Dan. At the height of the funky house movement he has been told by fans, "I started listening to funky house because of you." TK's roots are grounded in the Houston underground house scene and venues like the Underground Lounge, Lotus Lounge, Clarks and Deans, as well as Karma Lounge, Bambu Lounge and Red Eyed Fly in Austin. Pumped to be back for DEF CON 23 alongside VNA, pheakocious, yurk and all the others. Hack all the things!


VNA has been spinning in the Houston area since the turn of the century. His flexible musical palette encompasses blends of prog, tech, funky house, electro, occasionally some cut-and-scratch breaks. This DJ’s mission is to keep the night going by infusing his eclectic style into the sounds he pumps into the crowd. VNA has spun at various clubs in the Houston area, the longest of which being Revolve @ Numbers, and also frequently guested many other residencies of his assorted crewmates in the Texas scene. Classically a vinyl DJ and member of the legendary Traffic Crew, he stays true to his origins. VNA is super glad to be back again for DEF CON 23 this year.

yurk (@yurkmeister)

The man, the myth, the legend.

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Shipping will be delayed while we are at DEF CON! (No shipping Aug 4th-11th)

That's right folks, there will be no shipping from August 4th - 11th.

Your orders will be processed as soon as our team returns.

Thank you


Wall of Sheep team


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Our Speaker Workshops Schedule at DEF CON 23 is Now LIVE!

Several amazing workshops also added:

There will also be a very special workshop from 3 - 4 PM on Saturday, August 8th.

For complete schedule, abstracts and bios, see

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