A tribute to StilettoedMacgyver

It is with great sorrow and love that we pay tribute to one of our Shepherds. StilettoedMacgyver passed away on October 17, 2023. She gave selflessly of her time and energy to help the hacker community, and we are all diminished by her loss. It was her last wish that the community help to keep her daughter engaged and involved, and we will honor that.

This page will continue to be updated with pictures and tributes as we receive them.

From her husband:

Hey everyone, it is with the utmost sadness and love that I inform you that StilettoedMacgyver has logged off for the last time. On Tuesday night my beautiful wife Lynne May Farrell passed away after a hard fought years long battle with cancer. After exhausting all palliative options during a couple of lengthy final hospital stays I was able to bring her back for home hospice. It was a tough two weeks at home, but we were surrounded by our friends and family, and she is at peace now. I know you all know, but I want to reiterate how much the love and community meant to her. We had such a wonderful time in Vegas during our last family vacation and Roz is really excited for the two of us to come back. We love you all and I am truly so grateful for the friendships she had with all of you.