Packet Detective


Are you interested in learning the art of Network Forensics?

Do you want to understand the techniques people use to tap into a network, steal passwords and listen to conversations?

If your answer was yes, then Packet Detective is for you.  For well over a decade the Wall of Sheep has shown people how important it is to use encryption to keep sensitive information private (i.e. your password).

To understand how to protect your data and your network it's important to understand the techniques and tools others may employ to violate your privacy.  And, we can help!

How does Packet Detective work?

Using a license of  the Capture The Packet engine from Aries Security we have created a unique way to teach using hands-on in a controlled real-time environment.

What will you learn?

On our private network you will learn:

  • How to install and run freely available network forensic tools
  • How to read other users emails going across the network
  • How to capture usernames and password
  • How to listen to users VoIP phone conversations over the network
Why teach using Packet Detective instead of the DEF CONnetwork?

It’s a well known fact that the DEF CON network is the most hostile network in the world.  That being said, the traffic is very difficult analyze. 

We often tell people that it is like a giant river with hundreds of thousands of fish swimming up the river all day long and it’s your job to catch one specific fish that has been tagged the prior year for survey purposes. (The reality of network forensics)

While we have been successful teaching people on this network, it’s not ideal.

What we have done is essentially created a really small pond with a few fish for every person to catch. 

It’s easier to identify your fish and understand the process before jumping into the busier environment.

Is the Packet Detective traffic hostile?

No.  The base game only has simple cleartext protocol based traffic on the network. 

No noise, No madness, just Education

What if I get stuck and need help?

We have volunteers available to help you learn how to capture and decode the traffic.

Who should play?

We designed Packet Detective for everyone. 

Weather you can hardly spell network forensics, or you're a pro looking to chip the rust off your packet-fu skills, Packet Detective can help you!

It’s also a great opportunity for those interested in competing in Capture The Packet to experience the game interface and build strategies for game play.

What equipment  do I need to participate?

A computer with a network card capable of going into promiscuous mode running a modern OS. 

A head set to listen to VoIP voice conversations.

Where can I play Packet Detective?

At DEF CON 23 in Las Vegas NV August 6-9, 2015

How much does it cost to play Packet Detective at DEF CON?

Thanks to our sponsors it's free to all paid attendees of DEF CON!


What categories are there?



What does the game board look like?