Peek-A-Boo Booth

The world's first coin operated network sniffer!

We feel there is a lot of value in seeing what data is leaking from an environment/device. 

As part of our research over the last ten years, we found that the most effective way of showing risk is through visual representation. For example, the Wall of Sheep - Sheep Herding application displays usernames and partial passwords on a large projected screen.  When a user sees their own data on the wall, they immediately want to know how to prevent this in the future.

To take what we were doing one step further, we decided to project the images going across the network live on the wall.   Even the most non-technical users will understand they have an issue if sensitive images such as pictures of themselves and their loved ones are flying by on a screen.  At the time of this experiment, the bulk majority of the social media services did not use encryption, so the volume of images displayed was incredible.

This immediately drew a massive crowd to see the visual chaos displayed above.  As the crowd realized it was "live", the images got progressively more disturbing.  This is when DT (the owner of Defcon) literally sprinted to our area to have us shut it down.

Historically regardless of the content type, Defcon was considered “raw” and un-filtered, so this was considered acceptable.  However, the leaders of the conference are attempting to reach additional demographics including children and this type of material has become no longer appropriate.

That being said, the value of the security awareness from the visualization did not go away, it just became less “PC” to show.  In an effort to continue the security awareness effort, be sensitive to the new demographic, and keep a bit of the “raw” around, our team brainstormed and came up with the idea for the “Peek-A-Boo Booth”. 

The Peek-A-Boo Booth is a coin operated network sniffer and image visualization tool.

This tool allows people to visually see the data flying across the network in a controlled environment.  The Peek-A-Boo Booth has several features to prevent unintentional viewing.

        1.)    There is a 18+ Only age disclaimer on the front of the screen.

        2.)    The unit is placed in a privacy booth, or room with signage.

        3.)    It is coin operated with an additional “ARE YOU SURE” button to add a secondary safe guard



Pictures of the build process