"The Nurse" Fundraiser

Brad "The Nurse" Smith has been involved in the community for many years. He has given many talks and helped many people along the way.  Last October as he started to give his presentation at Hacker Halted in Miami Florida he suffered a stroke. Brad has had a difficult road to recovery so far and has many challenges still ahead, and needs your help!

A team lead by Bbox created of a 7' tall version of our trench coated mascot for attendees at Defcon 20 to take a picture for a donation.  Thanks to the team, and the generosity of the Defcon attendees, we were able to raise over $1000.00

With the help from his wonderful wife Nina, Brad will surely continue to improve, but they need our help!

It is a slow and difficult process but hopefully we in the community can help. Please help support one of our own!

You can find out more about Brad and follow along with his recovery at: http://www.bradthenurse.com/brads-blog.html



It was truly amazing to see our community pull together for one of our own.  Unfortunately, Bradley Brink Smith passed away with dignity on December 6, 2012. May he rest in pease.

We'll miss you Brad!