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Packet Hacking Village Talks at DEF CON 26 Finalized

Schedule of talks will be released by next week.  Schedule of hands-on workshops, and schedule of DJs will be announced soon. Bitsquatting: Passive DNS Hijacking Ed Miles, Security Researcher at DiDi Labs The Domain Name System is one of the foundational technologies that allow the internet to function, but unfortunately,...

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Four More Talks Added to Packet Hacking Village Talks at DEF CON 26

Car Infotainment Hacking Methodology and Attack Surface Scenarios Jay Turla, Application Security Engineer at Bugcrowd The battle for supremacy for the control of the dashboard display or infotainment systems has always been a race. Most of these systems run on Linux, Android, Windows (customized dashboards - perhaps Windows ME or...

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First Batch of Accepted Packet Hacking Village Talks at DEF CON 26 Announced

Capturing in Hard to Reach Places Silas Cutler, Senior Security Researcher at CrowdStrike It's easy for us to take for granted when tools allow us to start capturing network traffic without any real hardships. However, what happens when the data you want isn't so easy to capture. This talk will...

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