Legal Information


This information concerns all users and participants of the Wall of Sheep. We ask that you read it closely.


The Wall of Sheep observes the traffic of a given network in clear text only and makes no effort to circumvent any encryption measures taken by the parties transmitting said traffic. This traffic is therefore considered public and open. The Wall of Sheep waives any responsibility for the effects of disclosing this public information.

The Wall of Sheep also makes public the existence and information about certain tools that may be used to audit network traffic. This information is offered in good faith that all parties will use it in accordance with all applicable laws.

Privacy Policy

The nature of the Wall of Sheep precludes the confidentiality of any information obtained in the course of its normal network observation activities. Information shared with the Wall of Sheep under a mutually agreed-upon, explicitly stated private communication shall not be sold, traded, or disseminated to any other party for any reason within the limit of the law.

Remedy Process

If your data has been captured and you are concerned about the retention of this data, you can opt out of the consent you gave at any time by contacting us in person and we will remove your data at your request and provide verification that it has been removed from our database(s).