About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise security awareness. Computer crime and identity theft loom large in most people's unconscious fears because they do not know:

  1. How they are at risk, and
  2. The steps they can take to protect themselves.

We explain both, but the way we do it is unconventional . . .

What We Do

Through a variety of techniques and projects we have developed over the years, we demonstrate what can happen when users let their guard down and strive to educate the masses.


Some Background

Nearly every time a network is accessed, an email account is checked, a web application is logged into, or a message is sent, some form of identification is passed between systems.

Without using the proper safety techniques while online all this information can be easily had by cyber criminals.

Why take a chance when you don't have to?

Awareness and education is the key!

We help educate the masses on the tools, techniques and general knowledge to protect themselves (mostly using freely available tools and features that are already built into their current systems).

Our Approach

Check out our various projects to see how we make the magic happen!


The Bottom Line

A potential attacker might maliciously and criminally use your mistakes against you. We do the opposite by raising security awareness and providing education on how to be defensive. It is very easy to become a "sheep," but it is just as easy to learn how to avoid turning into one.


DEF CON 2015 Packet Hacking Village Cr3w

S3n10r St@ff:

Riverside - Co-Founder, Coordinator

Cedoxx - Co-Founder, Coordinator

BBox  - Facilities & Infrastructure Lead

Kablooey - Facilities & Infrastructure Second

Karl - Facilities & Infrastructure Third

FS - Wall of Sheep Herder Lead 

Ming - Speaker Workshops Lead

Gu5G0rman - Speaker Workshops Second

phreakocious - DJ Lead

Yurk - DJ Second

Newman - CTP Lead

Deric - CTP Second

Trinaught - CTP Third

Mark - Packet Detective Lead

Muscles - Packet Detective Second

Warl0rd - Photography Lead

Heal - Emerging Technology Threats Lead

Fungirog - Wireless Sheep Hunt Lead

Donds - Wireless Sheep Hunt Second

Preterition - Emerging Technology Second

Quirk - Video Lead

Chef - Social Media Lead

The Cr3w in no particular order:

SnowBerry Robin Sam
Peacock Tony CAB
Siri Davin Noid
ToughNuts PK Doc
Brock dking Jess
NatA Josh MixedTape
Q p33t Razorback
Dan Damage Magic Won Ditto
Allison Kraken Boyd
Heigl Arclight sql
Haun Midnight Mrs. Peacock

Some individuals specifically asked to be left off.  If we happened to miss anyone, we apologize please send a note to Riverside to get that fixed.