Wi-Fi Sheep Hunt

2015 DEF CON - Wi-Fi Sheep Hunt Challenge

We've lost some of our Sheep and there is a prize in it for you if you can help herd them.

Fortunately, we tagged them and with today’s wireless technology you can find them.

Be the first to find any two and return them to the barn to receive the next part of this exciting challenge.


Do you have the skills it takes to be a sheep hunter?  Help find the missing sheep from our flock.  

Some of our craaaazy sheep are running loose at DEF CON.

Fortunately, we tagged all of our sheep just in case anything like this ever happened.  You will need to use your skills to locate the information being broadcast from the Sheep's tag to access a special network that allows you to get them back into the barn. 

Once on the network, decipher the clues and you could be the winner. 


Visit the Wi-Fi Sheep hunt table to begin. 

The First challenge is to find the Wi-Fi Sheep hunt table at DEF CON 23 in the Packet Hacking Village.

If you can't find the table you will never find the sheep.


New and crazy cool things for 2015!!! 

This sheep hunt is no joke!!!  

We have purchased new beacons and military grade radio detection finding equipment for our contestants to try to find our sheep.

Have you ever wondered how the FCC, Military or Light Search and Rescue teams find signals?  Wonder no longer... They use this stuff!!!  

Each team will be provided instructions on how to use the equipment and expected to find the missing sheep from our flock.