LinkedIn Breach Resurfaces: 1 in 4 Accounts Compromised

Details are starting to come out about the massive LinkedIn breach that is gaining attention this week even though it first occurred in 2012.

ZDSearch has a nice tally of the worst passwords found in the dump here. Top three worst offenders:

 753,305 people used ‘123456’

  • 172,523 people used ‘linkedin’
  • 144,458 people used ‘password’

 According to Krebs, 117 million accounts are likely compromised instead of the 6.5 million originally stated. (That’s 1 of every 4 users of LinkedIn, which has around 430 million users.) LeakedSource has a searchable database for those interested if their account is one of those affected.

MotherBoard has been in contact with LeakedSource and a hacker known as ‘Peace’ who claims to have the full dump. With security researcher Troy Hunt, they claim to have reverse engineered 90% of the passwords within 72 hours. They’ve reached out to several LinkedIn users and they’ve been confirming account details.