Text of the Opening Remarks / Introduction at the Speaker Workshops (DEF CON 25)

Good morning and welcome to the Packet Hacking Village at DEF CON 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada! We cannot thank you enough for your support and for your continuing support for all these years. The Wall of Sheepʼs mission is and has always been security awareness. This year, the Packet Hacking Village have a number of events and learning opportunities including the venerable Packet Detective and Capture The Packets. We have a fantastic slate of DJs to entertain and keep this village lively. Sheep City and Honeypots have returned this year.  We are also excited for something new this year: hands-on workshops as there is a tremendous demand for training and continuing education in this cyber security. We hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities here at the Packet Hacking Village and ultimately at DEF CON to learn, to collaborate, and to be inspired.

And of course, here we are at the Speaker Workshops. This is a special year: this is the fifth anniversary of the Speaker Workshops at the Packet Hacking Village. We are going to kick it off right-off-the-bat with a very special keynote. Dan Geer said in his keynote at Black Hat 2014: "cyber security is now a riveting concern, a top issue in many venues more important than this one." Or as Matt Blaze said bluntly at The Eleventh HOPE: "we are in a national cybersecurity crisis." So what does this have to do with our keynote? There are many people now starting to study or entering the field of cyber security which is very welcoming to see. However, the body of knowledge is now too deep and intimidating to grasp and history is easily forgotten. So how did we get into the mess we are in now? In May of 1998, a group of hackers testified in front of a panel of US Senators. The hacker group was L0pht. One of the members of L0pht who testified was Weld Pond, Chris Wysopal. L0pht warned that the Internet, software, and hardware are not safe and security is an afterthought. Their warning was a disaster foretold and tragically ignored (please read the stellar Washington Post article "A Disaster Foretold --And Ignored"). Their warning and efforts also paved way for many of our careers and lifestyles in this field, and why most of us are here today at DEF CON. It is my fantastic honor to introduce you all to Chris Wysopal.