Packet Hacking Village Equipment Check for DEF CON 24

[Written by @donds.  Originally posted at]

They say not to bring any electronic devices at DEFCON!? .... what's the fun in that? Well, your mother also said not to get in a strange car with a stranger... UBER, anyone?

It’s time to prep your gear for the Packet Hacking Village (PHV) at DEFCON 24. Although, the PHV staff will have some gear for you to use, I highly recommend to bring your own "FOR DEFCON USE ONLY" gear. 

For the Wall of Sheep and WiFi Sheep Hunt you'll need a laptop with wired and wireless sniffing capabilities.  I spent about $200 for a used laptop from eBay. Also invested on an Alpha wireless USB card from Amazon. Load Kali on the laptop and you're basically good to go. Most tools you'll need are already included in Kali.  The PHV staff can help you refine your setup and config depending on what event you want to try out.

For Sheep City, you can use the same laptop you plan to use for WoS and WIFISH.  But it will require a bit more creativity and possibly a visit to the vendor area or Fry's.  Prep for Bluetooth, ZigBee, IrDa, RF...etc. Be ready for anything.

Packet Detective runs like a classroom format. IMHO, this is a "MUST DO" event at PHV. PHV will have laptops setup for PD Agent trainees to use... Yes, you don't have to bring your own laptop to participate.  This is a very popular event and laptops are limited. Sign up early.

WiFi Sheep Hunt will also have a sign-up sheet for the FoxHunt gear. You can use your own equipment to join the FoxHunt and code breaking fun.  There will also be a couple of laptops for players to use, but only for limited time slots. 

Capture the Packet has produced Black Badge winners at DEFCON. If you're just prepping now, you're already behind... you get my drift.

If you're asking which one to do first, I'd say do it all! But if it's your first ever visit at PHV, here's the order of events I'd suggest..

1. Packet Detective
2. Wall of Sheep
3. WiFi Sheep Hunt
4. Sheep City
5. Capture The Packet

Our DEF CON 24 schedule is available at