Packet Hacking Village Talks at DEF CON 27 Finalized

Friday, August 9th Saturday, August 10th Sunday, August 11th
10:00 4 years and 10,000+ Hours Later: Lessons Learned from Running a National Penetration Testing Competition
Tom Kopchak and Dan Borges
Hacking Corporate Org Socialization: One Day You Are Out and the Next Day You Pwn the Org!
Wi-Fi Threat Modeling and Monitoring
Besim Altinok and Can Kurnaz
11:00 Hacking Kubernetes: Choose Your Own Adventure Style
Jay Beale
Solving Crimes with Wireless GeoFencing and Multi-Zone Correlation Analytics
Gleb Esman
Head in the Clouds
Matt Nash
12:00 StegoAugmented Malware
Mike Raggo and Chet Hosmer
"First-Try" DNS Cache Poisoning with IPv4 and IPv6 Fragmentation
Travis Palmer and Brian Somers
CIRCO: [Cisco Implant Raspberry Controlled Operations]
Emilio Couto
13:00 The Art of Detection
Jay Dimartino
Phishing Freakonomics
Russell Butturini
Augmenting the (Security) Onion: Facilitating Enhanced Detection and Response with Open Source Tools
Wes Lambert
14:00 Bestsellers in the Underground Economy: Measuring Malware Popularity by Forum
Winnona DeSombre
14:30 Hunting Certificates and Servers
Sam Erb
Security to Make the CFO Happy
15:00 Old Tech vs New Adversaries. Round 1... Fight!
Joseph Muniz and Aamir Lakhani
Generating Personalized Wordlists With NLP by Analyzing Tweets
Utku Sen
15:30 Sandbox Creative Usage For Fun and Pro...Blems
Cesare Pizzi
16:00 Patching: It's Complicated
Cheryl Biswas
(Re)Thinking Security Given the Spectre of a Meltdown (hold my beer)
Jeff Man
17:00 Your Phone is Using Tor and Leaking Your PII
Milind Bhargava and Adam Podgorski
State Sponsored Hacking: How to Intercept/Decrypt TLS Traffic and How to Prevent TLS Interception Attacks
Chris Hanlon
18:00 Beyond Sandboxes. How to Execute IoT Malware and Analyze Its Evolution
María José Erquiaga, Sebastian Garcia
Leveraging Passive Network Mapping with Raspberry Pi and Python
Chet Hosmer
19:00 The Cyberlous Mrs. Maisel: A Comedic (and slightly terrifying) Introduction to Information Warfare
Jessica "Zhanna" Malekos Smith