Our DJ Schedule at DEF CON 27

Friday, August 9th Saturday, August 10th Sunday, August 11th
10:00 some people playing music probably TBD CLOSED
11:00 phreakocious kampf
12:00 Percent27 phreakocious
13:00 TBD Tineh Nimjeh TBD
14:00 Yesterday & Tomorrow Closed for teardown.
15:00 tense future
16:00 Percent27
17:00 Icetre Normal Icetre Normal
18:00 Yurk Terrestrial Access Network

DJ Bios

phreakocious (@phreakocious, https://mixcloud.com/phreakocious)

phreakocious is just this guy, you know?

Yurk (@yurkmeister, https://soundcloud.com/yurkmeister)

DJ / Producer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now resides in Brooklyn, New York.

tense future (@tensefutur3, https://soundcloud.com/tensefuture)

Los Angeles, CA. The soundtrack to autonomous vehicle gridlock.

kampf (@nerd_show, https://www.mixcloud.com/NerdShow/)

Resident Chillout DJ with SomaFM on Fluid and DEF CON Radio. Vinyl hangover cure.

DJ %27 (@djpercent27, https://www.mixcloud.com/djpercent27)

DJing since the 80s, Performed at chill out and pool at DEFCON XX, XXI. DEFCON XXIII.

Tineh Nimjeh (@tinehnimjeh, https://soundcloud.com/tinehnimjeh)

With 20+ years djing, including residencies at various nightclubs, Tineh Nimjeh live sets will always get your body moving. Tineh is an active member of DC562, and works in Vulnerability Management.

Icetre Normal (https://www.facebook.com/icetre.normal/, https://soundcloud.com/icetre-normal)

Icetre has been dj'ing since defcon 13. One of Icetre's superpowers is rearranging space and time in the process of epic party creation. He isn't always available to chat, as he may be being smuggled past hotel security for his own safety. When not digging in the crate to field a request for Freebird, Icetre is usually being asked to turn down the volume on his house and electro beats.

Yesterday & Tomorrow (@wompapmow, https://soundcloud.com/tomorrow-yesterday)

DJ duo inspired by the masters, they seek to bring listeners on a journey ranging from the depths of techno to the expansive sounds of progressive house

Terrestrial Access Network (https://soundcloud.com/collinsullivan, https://soundcloud.com/shockedatmusic)

Classic Electro - "If network packets were to dance, they would surely dance to this..."