Packet Hack Village

Come check out The Packet Hack Village at HACK IN THE BOX in Abu Dhabi!!!

HITB 2021 is part of Cyber Week in the UAE: 

Packet Inspector

An introduction to network analysis, sniffing, and forensics.

Do you want to understand the techniques people use to tap into a network, steal passwords and listen to conversations?

Packet Inspector is the place to develop these skills!

For well over a decade, the Wall of Sheep team has shown people how important it is to use end-to-end encryption to keep sensitive information like passwords private.

Using a license of the world famous Capture The Packet engine from Aries Security, we have created a unique way to teach hands-on skills in a controlled real-time environment.

Join us in the Packet Hack Village to start your quest towards getting a black belt in Packet-Fu.


Packet Detective

Looking to upgrade your skills or see how you would fare in Capture The Packet? Come check out what Packet Detective has to offer!

A step up in difficulty from Packet Investigator, Packet Detective will put your network hunting abilities to the test with real-world scenarios at the intermediate level.

Take the next step in your journey towards network mastery in a friendly environment still focused on learning and take another step closer to preparing yourself for the competitive environment of Capture The Packet.