Hollow Spy Coin - U.S. Nickel ($.05)


Is getting your hack gear into an abandoned conference room with an Ethernet jack proving to be impossible?  Nothing beats old school spy tech!

Armed with this Hollow Spy Coin, you'll be able transport secrets with ease. The smallest most covert SD Memory chip hiding spy coin on the market!    

Hollow spy coins have been used by spies since the Cold War to transport secret messages, microfiche and microfilms, and even poisons for self-administration if captured. Although the hollow coin is not new, their use as a tool for modern social engineering engagements is revolutionary!

Each of our hollow spy coins is precision made in The USA to create a secret compartment inside, and are indistinguishable from a solid coin to the naked eye.

Plus, unlike weak imitations, ALL of our spy coins are machined to secure MicroSD memory cards with capacities upwards of 32 gigabytes! Once closed, they're virtually impossible to distinguish from regular coins.

Our spy coins can be handled without fear of separation and can easily circulate without detection.

  • Spy coins are precision made from real coins to create a secret compartment inside
  • Store memory cards, SIM cards, RFIDs, microfilms, and more!
  • Indistinguishable from regular coins when closed
  • Includes a bang ring to open the coin

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