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Packet Hacking Village Equipment Check for DEF CON 24

[Written by @donds.  Originally posted at] They say not to bring any electronic devices at DEFCON!? .... what's the fun in that? Well, your mother also said not to get in a strange car with a stranger... UBER, anyone? It’s time to prep your gear for the Packet Hacking Village...

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What’s More Explosive: Palantir's Penetration Test Results or Buzzfeed's Reaction To Them?

Buzzfeed posted a long story last week about leaked penetration test results for Palantir, Peter Thiel's $20 billion private data analysis company funded by the CIA and considered the backbone of US intelligence gathering. Based on a confidential report, Buzzfeed says HACKERS COULD TAKE CONTROL OF PALANTIR'S ENTIRE NETWORK!!!! AND…!...

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Round Up of Bug Bounties and Resources

At recent  OWASP meeting in San Francisco, bug bounties caused far and away the most spirited discussion. Speaker Craig Steipp, who is head of security at WikiMedia, spoke heavily in favor of them. Yet several audience members spoke against them or offered tepid support.   Side stepping that debate, who...

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