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First Round of Accepted Speaker Workshops at DEF CON 24

The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range: Learn by Destruction Richard Larkins, Network Architect at Arizona Cyber Warfare Range and President of the ISSA Phoenix Chapter Want to run all those tools you have always heard about, but don't have the hardware to do it? Or - does your Boss want you...

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LinkedIn Breach Resurfaces: 1 in 4 Accounts Compromised

Details are starting to come out about the massive LinkedIn breach that is gaining attention this week even though it first occurred in 2012. ZDSearch has a nice tally of the worst passwords found in the dump here. Top three worst offenders:  753,305 people used ‘123456’ 172,523 people used ‘linkedin’ 144,458...

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Speaker Workshops at DEF CON 24 Call for Presentations Now Open

The Wall of Sheep would like to announce a call for presentations at DEF CON 24 at the Paris and Bally's Hotels in Las Vegas, NV from Thursday, August 4th to Sunday, August 7th. All accepted talks will be announced, recorded, and published by DEF CON Communications, Inc. Please see...

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